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The origin of miniature comes from Middle Asia painting art. 8 th and 9 th century’s Maniheist wall paintings are the oldest examples. They were found at Koçu ruins and belonged to Uygur Turks. Turkish people created their masterpieces when when they gettled in Anatolia lete 16 th century. Up to 18th century. Thousands of books including history, lierature and sciense were painted.

There is no perspective in Miniature pictures-that is the most important feature. The colours are always bright and shiny with gives you optimistic feelings.

Tezhib means “ gilding” in Arabic. It’s origin goes back to Uygur Turks. Tezhib is used with calligraphy art. You can see the best examples at the front and back of the Korans.
The Turkish Art was brought to Anatolia by Turkish people. 15 th and 16th centuries werw the most succesful years of this art.
The paper used in Tezhib is very important- the ink and paints do not get absorbed into it. İt is very strong and able to be cleaned and used again. This quality is from a technique called “ ahar” with this technique paper gets stronger and lives for ages.
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